Author Interview Questions!

 Author interview questions invite and engage your readers, providing them with further insights into your book which aren’t evident in either your biographical sketch or in your writings. Newcomers will enjoy learning more about your book and inspirations, while prior fans will receive new and exciting facts.

 Author Interview Questions! consists of 10 succinct and powerful questions created from my familiarity with your book(s). I will return the interview questions for you answer, and then they will be posted in the Author Interview section of Donovan’s Literary Services, along with a hot link which allows you to share the interview however you wish. Authors may use their interview in many ways, from creating their own video or quoting pieces in print publicity to directing audiences to the full interview at Donovan’s Literary Services.

 Each interview consists of custom questions created just for you and your book. They typically focus on a single book per interview.

 For more information, just email and put ‘Author Interview’ in the body of your email.

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